What To Expect At This Year’s BREAK-FAST JAM Annual Breakdance Finals

Break-Fast Jam is an annual breakdance event originated in Uganda in 2011 to empower participants socially and economically.

Each year they organize events in Uganda & Kenya and host participants from around the world to enrich them with practical skills, knowledge, inspirations and experiences on a neutral platform with the overall aim of cultivating a positively enriching breakdance & hiphop culture in Africa.

The BREAK-FAST JAM Annual Breakdance Finals will take place from 19th November to 20th December at YMCA basketball court.

There will be performance ranging from Rap music, dance, Djing to beatboxing/vocal by Ruyonga, St. Nellysade, DJ Aludah & Dj Crisio, Lady Slyke & Dj Nesta, Faizal Mostrixx, Dj Snuff, Moze Beatboxer, Dj Issa & Dj Isaac King, Spotlite crew, Kongoloko, Tandika Esaawa, Nilotika band, Byg Ben Omumasaaba, Mc Yala, Ibra Buwembo, Party People, BBK bboys crew. Stonee Jiwe, M.A.K.E8890 and Bboy Harry.

Several hip-hop entrepreneurs including, Koz N Effect, Freshlane & Break-Fast Jam merchandise, Mou Qreashionz, Kyendi Kyendi clothing and Joana Joojo will be showcasing their latest merchandise.

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