New Music: A.I.M (Prod. Trip) – Nantsupremacy

Okay! Holdup! I said HOLDUP!
I didn’t see this coming! I didn’t!
I thought this had all ended!
But it seems everyone is here to teach Ghetto Upgrade a lesson!

//And I know you can’t for the day you watch me diminish//
//But I promise you my nigga this is just the beginning//
//Am here to finish whatever you didn’t finish//
//You left 90% uncovered……. //

Nantsupremacy has come out to retaliate to Ghetto Uprade’s ‘I.C.U’ attack on rapper C MAJOR and the Trip Music battalion.
Initially, it was played down with silence but it seems like the kid stung hearts!
We almost thought this beef was over!
But to come out at this time and fire back, Ghetto Uprade should brace up for this; he has been beaten on the head!
Will he come back?
We can only wait.

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