(Photos): Meet Anastasia Aka Lady Nasta-The Ratchet Babe Behind ‘UCU Sex Tape’


Well, look what we have here… This week was started on a rather high and a half note for social media addicts who tried to lay hands on the viral sex tape that featured a Makerere Business School lass and other Uganda Christian University(UCU) lads.

At the moment, the sex tape clips are already circulating on major messaging apps, emails and I guess mobile money too… Anyway, UrbanHype is presenting to you the hot stubborn ratchet babe who rhythmically twerked her booty in the sex tape.

Her Boobs apparently want a "Hi5" Lol

Her Boobs apparently want a “Hi5” Lol

Ladies and gentlemen; Meet Lady Anastasia, Former Wanyange Girls School student, whose early years of education was known to be a saint. Anastasia aka Nasta, completed her A’Level studies at St Lawrence SS. By the time she finished her secondary level, according to our moles, was everyone’s favorite because of her saintly ways of giving ‘some’ to everyone that wanted.

Apparently Lady Nasta is a 2nd year student at Makerere Business School who stays in Mukono, probably at Lords hostel since that’s where our moles usually see her chilling. According to close sources, the sex-tape leak is like a dream come true for Lady Nasta!


I’m a nerd! I Should I whip My Hair Back and Forth to see me clearly… You see me?


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