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1Der Jr Releases Debut ‘Kampala’ EP

Artiste 1Der Jr has released his maiden music project dubbed ‘Kampala’

‘Kampala’ is a collection of song he has previously worked on and also includes some of the unheard before songs

The rapper hosted his fans at a launch party at Gekko Lounge last week on Thursday where he exclusively performed some of the new songs of the EP.

The exuberant EP release event was opened by rapper The Truth who put up an energetic performance of his heavily pumped shows; his performance was followed by WAKE performing a poem titled ‘Musilamu’ which he dedicated to his rolex guy as he expressed his wit and poetic arsenal which he followed up with another pumped performance.

Rapper Mal-X, notably one of the lads to keep an eye on, graced the audience with performances off his ‘Sounds of Colours’ project and was followed by Afrie, a talented singer who kept the crowd oozing for more.

The man of the night, 1Der Jr, whose entry was hyped by his young brother, later graced the stage performing his major songs including Hallelujjah, Byanshobera, Drogba among others

The ‘Kampala’ EP launch was launched under ‘Arts For Hearts’, a movement that seeks to populate the marketplace with fresh and revelatory creative pieces.

“I believe that everyone is a unique expression of God’s creative genius. So creativity is extremely important to God. With music and TV being one of the most powerful tools in society today, i believe arts have the ability to shape culture. So we intend to populate the marketplace with fresh and revelatory creative pieces. ‘To use the arts, to edify the hearts and ultimately shape culture,” 1Der Jr says

Kampala EP is available for sale and free online HERE

Follow the conversation on ‘Arts for Hearts’ online using #ArtsForHearts and @1Der_Jr on Twitter

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