Album Review: African Reality – AJO

I remember as a kid I always wished what we were studying could be sung so that it becomes more fun, unforgettable and enjoyable. Just imagine all those topics know History, Geography could be in songs form, would we even forget a line?

On 29th June 2018, this is exactly what AJO decided to do when he released his debut album titled “AFRICAN REALITY” talking about “Pan Africanism”, an album that engulfs a number of topics on the African continent such as Black, excellence, corruption, humanity, slavery, racism, colonialism.

Let’s dive in the album as I tell you about some of my favourite tracks.

AJO opens up the album with “African Tales” where he collaborates with Sandra Kay. On this track, you can hear AJO paint a vivid picture of the early encounters with foreigners and how Africans were taken into slavery. He raps with a lot of energy accompanied with an ear-locking chorus by Sandra Kay on a well-crafted beat. Such a fantastic way to start an album.

On “Rebirth”, AJO talks about mental slavery, a disease eating up Africans but still reminds us that we need to “Regrow and Rebuild and Rebrand” we Recovering. This track still features the songstress Sandra executing a delightful chorus and a verse.

The interlude which really caught my ear. Poetically executed, AJO and Jason Ntari talk about black pride, black identity and how strong an African is as he raps “…Beat me up and Box me, Take me & frame me/ Steal my Ancestry and place it in your museums to muse your beings with false stories of my identity/ Water down my history with your twisted tales of Christianity/ Whip me and flog me/ But you will never break Me.”

Nuba which is another favourite talking about Black excellence. This closes the first section of the album “African”

Icarus is another heart touching story which kicks off with an intro where a man was abducted together with his siblings and his brother was killed by the rebels for asking mere water. Where’s humanity?

Other tracks to look out for on this album Angles Die, Transcend, Yield… You just listen to the whole album cause it’s rich in African knowledge.

If you listen to this album you will realize AJO picked his subject matters so well and he tells stories from the start to finish. You can hear the hard work he put in, from the enormous research on the different topics, his delivery; multi-syllables, well-constructed verses. And the amazing production is done by Nase Avatar – UG HipHop best producer winner and the incredible Sam Lamar of Talent African and Mike 256.

This is a very solid project. Go get it now and enrich your knowledge about Africa.

Well Done Ajo

You may Purchase and stream the Album through;



●Band Camp: https://ajomusic4.bandcamp.com/album/african-reality

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The Physical copies of the Album can be purchased at #15000ugx in Uganda at:
● #BOLD_STORES at Acacia Mall next to Century Cinemax
● #TWAMBALE_APPAREL stores on Mabirizi Plaza shop no. L1-3

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