Album Review: My Words – Richy Kaweesa

His music sabbatical was a phase of life, a musical decisive moment for Richy in 2010. Before his music sabbatical, Richy released a couple of songs that ornamented his constructive contribution to the music industry, particularly the R&B genre. By then, Kaweesa performed his sounds under Talent Africa, the then Talent 256 under which he released his debut song “Missing You” ft Navio of Klear Kut. The vocal knack and flair he demonstrated on “Missing You” warranted him some fan base.

Even though he saddened his fans when he went on a music break in early 2010, Richy’s dexterity, creativity, and originality get reincarnated after three years. At just 21 years, Richy’s talent explores every major music genres like R&B, Reggae, Soul and Afro-fusion. His ability to use his voice as his most important asset ameliorates him to rematerialize on the music scene with a “creditable” music project, “My Words,” his debut album.

Richy’s debut album “My Words” discovers a wide range of musical experimentation. Through assorted sounds that are characterized by acoustic guitars, Bass guitars, conga, keyboards, horns, saxophones and percussions, Kaweesa shepherds his fans on a matchless music trip through which he puts a picture of his life in words. The album opens with “My Words (Intro)” that gives the listeners a trend of his album. Richy officially gears the listeners to “True Love,” a song that comes second on the tracklist.

On “True Love,” Richy exercises his passion for reggae music as he expresses his love for the almighty creator. It starts with guitar sounds that later blend in with a brass instrument and drums that echo asymmetrical rhythmic pattern with a Rastafari feeling. His album being a trans-genre album whose focus pivots on love, life, suffering among other aspects, “You Are” which opens with a melodic guitar sound, which allows Richy to squeeze out his affection to this one particular companion that the subject of the song revolves on. He touches up the same concept on “Loving You” however, the guitar instrument sounds off.

Track seven on “My Words”, “Mercy” Featuring Babaluku and Philia, finds all acts ready to discover their potential on a more up-tempo pulsation. With a smooth soothing soft voice that renders on the chorus and hooks, this song echoes a more refined aspect that manifests humanity as Babaluku raps his verse on. Surprisingly, on “Ebiro Byaffe,” Richy goes afrobeat. “Ebiro Byaffe’s” composition’s originality relates to the legends of afrobeat like Fela Kuti. He fused his vocal strength with percussions and other instruments to generate an African generic sound.

“My Song” and “Breaking apart” follow a trendier, urban pop style, another tricky sound that Richy harmoniously bodies. “The Beauty Of Life” and “I Promise,” songs he wrote out of the real-life experience, soulfully escort you to the last song of the album. The artistic and imaginative songwriting skills gear and polish every single song. Richy outros his new album with “Belong To You,” a song that again praises God.

“My Words” compilation, recording, mixing and mastering was in the hands of several producers like Trophimus Odie of Kish Records, Allan Waswa of Kono and “Dydo & Michael” of Fenon Records who tirelessly worked hand in hand with Richy. Under the management of Konektor and close supervision of this masterpiece music project by his management team, Richy successfully repays his fans with a worthy project.

I originally wrote this article for BigEye in 2013.

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