Benezeri Says He Has Already Written A Response To His Diss Track

Last week, rapper Benezeri was attacked by ‘Clansmen’ affiliate, Chief, on a diss track dubbed ‘Sharapova’.

The diss track comes several weeks after he released his ‘Panda Freestyle’ where some of his bars were portrayed as stray shots to musical group Clansmen, in which he briefly belonged.

In his ‘Panda Freestyle’, Benezeri raps “They asking bout Clansmen/ I disbanded the Clansmen/ Okay I deserted the Clansmen/ Just felt they wouldn’t add much to The Clans/ Some are still boiling with anger.”

While talking to Severe on TFM Hip-Hop show last Saturday, rapper Benezeri reacted to his diss track saying ‘it was a good song’. When asked if he is thinking of responding, the rapper said “Time will tell. I have written one, but I’m actually debating whether it is worth it for me to release it. Right now, this situation is only in the hip-hop circles…

On the same show, Benezeri reiterated that his lyrics on his ‘Panda Freestyle’, specifically, “Any recorded challenge is a blunder”, weren’t aimed at his former music group, The Clansmen.

Listen to the entire interview:

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