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Blixxack Releases Debut Album “AFROPPUCCINO”

It has been a long time coming for Blixxack.

From where I stand, “AFROPPUCCINO”, his debut album, is not just an album but it’s a milestone in his rap career.

In an interview Blixxack told The Tribe that “On my first two mixtapes, I felt like I had the need to prove that I could spit and rap the hardest. I lived off the props and I wanted to make each song have better bars than the last one, you know?…Afroppuccino is different because I went into it just wanting to make songs I would enjoy, songs my little sister could listen to and play for her friends, music that just felt good and authentic.”

Talking about what inspired the creation of his debut album, he says “I just wanted to put out all things I have been dealing with since the last time I released a full project.”

Blixxack’s representation on the hip-hop scene is rooted in his lyrical ferocity, “punchlines, metaphors, intricate rhymes schemes” and i think it’s amazing for him to just sit and create music from the standpoint of an ‘artiste’ and not just as a rapper

“The title “Afroppuccino” came from the word “frappuccino”, a well-known blend of coffee, ice, creams and other ingredients. This project is a fusion multiple genres from hip-hop, to R&B, and Afrobeat that I’m serving. The “Afro” part of it was inspired by my roots. I wanted it to be known that this was something done by an African,” tells The Tribe

“AFROPPUCCINO” is a 16 track album with blend of hip hop, R&B, and African inspired sounds and is available on different digital music stores and CD copies are available exclusively at the Keek store for UGX35,000

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