Breaking down C-Major The Poet

Ssemujju Alexander Ronald aka C-Major The Poet was born in 1993, August 11th to a father who was a lecturer and mother who was a secretary both at Makerere University. They were both music enthusiasts.

The first track he ever recorded was airplay in 2011. He later met up with B-Flex and they recorded Mic service at YEGO productions during their High School days.

He never looked back. In the last two years, he has been a regular mainstay at Hip Hop events — showing his skill as a poet, a freestyle emcee and a wordsmith in both Luganda and English.

He met Trip Smith and they have recorded a couple of songs and cyphers namely the Trip cyphers 1 and 2, Mama I try, Lessons and the Psychedelic alone.

In 2017 he recorded the phenomenon Kwatirirako with Nase Avatar that was big on the underground scene.

He met Jorge Imara who was interested in his rap style and they recorded hits like All is forgiven, Wavy, Dawn and The Grader.

He later connected with The Cee a producer and DJ and they released Let Me Go with Chophouse’s A1 fresh and KLA Inc’s Phero Veli.

He is signed under Truless Records and has released a couple of hits with nue.ug with some on the upcoming Breakthru album.

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