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Comedian Patrick Idringi ‘Salvador’ Insane Gig Earnings Revealed

Comedian Patrick Idringi ‘Salvador’ who is among the 89 competitors from 56 countries around the world for ‘Funniest People In The World’ competition, talked to BBC Radio about his milestone.

Being the only African finalist in the competition, Patrick Idringi ‘Salvador’ told BBC Newsday presenter Allan Kasujja that he ‘never thought he was that funny’.

During the interview, Allan Kasujja poked Patrick Idringi ‘Salvador’ on whether being a comedian is more paying than his engineering job at a telecommunication fam, the comedian absolutely agreed.

It depends on the gigs, but, it’s about $10K,” Patrick Idringi ‘Salvador’ says.

The comedian also revealed that besides being a comedian, he has set up numerous business entities to support him in case he stops being funny.

I have invested in other businesses that I’m going to be running concurrently,” he said.

Patrick Idringi ‘Salvador’ is on the edge of winning $100K if he manages to win his competitors in the ‘Funniest People In The World’ competition.

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