[DOWNLOAD]: Ace Bishop ft 1der Jr & Andre ‘Mashariki’

Rapper Ace Bishop (Conrad Atuhire) has released some music. On his latest sound ‘Mashariki’, he collaborates with 1der Jr & Andre.

Drawing inspirations from the rap and hip hop movement in Nigeria and South Africa, Ace Bishop’s latest song entirely expresses this.

On a dope beat, Ace Bishop and 1der Jr are just having fun — this is the kind of song where you ain’t gonna expect hard bars. It’s a “Let’s hit the club and jump to this sound”.

Ace hood is working on a couple of projects which will include collaborations with artists like Mighty Son, Andre Music, Mr. Poa, 1DER JR, Ninja C, Boyzee, Gilly King, Y’atta, and Gift of Kado Et Al.


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