[DOWNLOAD]: AGEE x The Sphynx ‘Billies’

‘Billies’ is what you get from a concoction of a popular sample, dope beat, dope chorus and then two rappers.

The ‘Malika’ project is in fruition mode and the ladies, Agee x The Sphynx have blessed us with a charming song to continue dotting their tenure on the hip-hop scene.

Agee x The Sphynx unpredictably deliver something beyond my expectations and this manifests that the duo is using its erstwhile experiences of working together to fundamentally know their weaknesses and strengths as they grow outside the scope of their comfort.

‘Billies’ is more than a song; it’s an expression of personalities of two rappers with an intention of claiming a certain level of supremacy on the hip-hop ladder of hierarchy where they feel they belong.


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