[DOWNLOAD]: Ciddy Ft Benny Black x Tucker HD ‘No Sleep’

We have a banger right here ladies and gentlemen!

Ciddy teams up with Benny Black and Tucker HD on his first single ‘No Sleep’ off his forthcoming 18-track mixtape dubbed ‘Last Train Home’ which drops on the 16th of April.

‘No Sleep’ has been on replay since I received it; the three rappers bring an extra topping in the rap game with rambunctious styles!

The beat is ‘sick’; the moving synthesizers, deep hollow snares and hard kicks give ‘No Sleep’ extra listening value.

Benny Black’s presence on the song highlights his rap state; he hasn’t been putting out a lot of music but he knows his arsenal is always loaded with six rounds of ammunition, ready to explode when the moment comes; he raps “I hear people sayin my music is dead, and my fanbase about to die/ Only thing I gotta say to Death is not today, nigga not tonight/ If I decide to grab the pad and write it might be wise you drop the mic/ The lightest touch is Midas-like, and by design I’m shining bright/

Even Ciddy, who has been off the grid comes off strong subliminally rapping “I’m getting sick of rappers that be lying to the fans/ I’m Lyrically I’m bout to murder them in no order/ How you still poor but got money in verses /I’m old Kanye with this rap game, I remember rappers not feeling my delivery & now I’m point with it like I’m FedEx /

On the other hand, Tucker HD finds a playing space on ‘No Sleep’ as he continues experimenting the extrapolation of his flow to reach a bigger audience; he uses both luganda and English to create patterned rhymes and wordplay “The minute I saw da foe I sent ya mayne to Paris/ Nada rest for the wicked, nada mercy from the Mighty/ All I’m seeing is the bodies with my third eye, ndaba mayiti/ Go Lebron from the crack of dawn, When It’s Dark Out, I’m with a Lightey/ On the low, cup just overflowing, sipping high tea


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