Download: Discourse Under Influence(DUI) Mixtape – Focus The Truth.

Ever since Trap Music started infiltrating the circles of hip-hop, there’s been a lot of debate going on that the ‘culture’ was getting diluted and derailing off the course of consciousness, the foundation upon which the genre was built.
And it has been a fierce debate!

On the brighter side, the true values of hip-hop still live within a majority of the the artist(e)s, I believe. That’s why, even in this invasion of ‘mumble rap’ on Trap beats, there are rappers who have stuck to the real message on the same Trap beats.
On the positive side still, there are people who have hardened on their love for authenticity and clarity and have chosen to maintain the norm of the ‘forefathers’ by delivering hardcore rhymes on what you’d want to call ORIGINAL HIP-HOP beats wherein the feel of tradition is engraved.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me introduce to you, FOCUS THE TRUTH on the mixtape DISCOURSE UNDER INFLUENCE.

DISCOURSE is defined as an extended verbal expression in speech or writing.

INFLUENCE is defined as the effect of one thing (or person) on someone/thing.

Joining those two nouns above gives us an understanding of this whole DUI album as a composition FOCUS dawned on with a feeling of a push to deliver a beautiful craft!
Listening to the whole album, you will constantly be fed on lyrics about the hustle, family and brotherhood, friendships, relationships, society, education and quite a list of other conscious subjects.

It was produced by SMOKING INDOORS and the mixtape features 7 tracks and 4 bonuses and was officially released in 2015.

Below is a breakdown of each track.

Off on Piano keys and fused with sultry female vocals, Focus jumps on this to pour his life and emotion on a beat you’d best classify to be old school, with lines that empathise his mission in the industry; to be real, grow, earn from his music and make the people he loves happy!
Literally ‘Putting My Life On These Tracks.

Set on a laid-back tempo, the artiste come out on this to narrate stories about growing up with his little brother.
With stories of childhood fights, Focus assures the young brother how he’s gonna be there for him no matter the time.

Talk about a song to derive a bit of inspiration from? This is your jam!
Telling you to rediscover yourself and what you are good and that you should go out and get the most out of it, Focus was simply here to motivate you that no matter what, as long as your family is behind you, go out out and what you love and earn from it!

Constant to note in this album is that Focus won’t stop talking about the hustle!
But how about you stop for a second, look back at the dreams you had, calculate how much you have made, count your wins and be thankful for each?
With a touch of trumpet and a lady voice to back, if you listen to this, Focus tells you to not give up on any on your dreams even when they say you can’t!
5. M.O.B
Full form is ‘Money Over Bitches’. You are free to add ‘Bros Over Whores’.

Hol’up! I almost attached a laugh emoji here!

This kind of rhetoric must be from a man whose heart was broken by a woman before!

Or is this an honor to the ‘bro-code’?
I don’t know, men!

There is an undying stereotype that music and drugs are an inseparable entity and especially, that most rappers are heavy marijuana smokers.
Well, I’m never gonna be the one to say how true or false that is but Focus The Truth doesn’t say its not true, either!
With lines of how he derives a ‘burst of inspiration’ from smoking and how ‘blazing’ has created some of his ‘best friendships’, it seems like the DUI was recorded under the influence of something because, really, this is an authentic piece of work!

7.FAREWELL(feat. Angharad George-Carey)
Set on a slow melodic instrumentation, FAREWELL is your ideal song to sit down on a trip of nostalgia about childhood friendships and relationships.
With mentions of people Focus tries to paint a reality that life goes on, we gotta advance with careers, make new relationships and even get married? But through it all, as we ‘catch flights’, we can’t afford to forget where we come from as on the chorus by Angharad sings about ….’see you soon…’.

Bonus tracks:

  1. FADO.

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