Download: GOLD (Prod. Nase Avatar) – The Poetic Flow UG

Wait, wait!
I said, hold that!
If you haven’t received a Christmas gift yet, this one here is for you!
Please, receive this GOLD.

Warning: If the Intro don’t carry you away, you need a church!

Produced by Nase Avatar at Port Bell Drive records, GOLD is a new one from Poetic Flow UG.
This one adresses the evils of money, greed and the DEVIL himself!
When did you last listen to a track that wakes you up to reality and the evil that greed for money has driven us into?
Spiced with heavy-sweet English and indigenous lines, GOLD is another track you won’t refuse to add to 2018′ best Hip-hop songs.

I always say that Hip-hop is more than that bickering you hear on most of the records our ears are pumped with.
Hip-hop is supposed to be a ‘saviour’ to heal society of all the evils that we cross paths with every day.
Afrika Bambaataa would be proud listening to this joint!

Stream and download the song below;

Download The Poetic Flow UG's Gold here! (238 downloads)

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