DOWNLOAD: ‘Let’s Lurk (Mans Not Hot Freestyle)’ – Tucker HD

Tucker HD is warming up for big things, I guess!

The rapper has released a one verse warm up song for the ‘culture’ using the 67’s ‘Let’s Lurk’ song instrumental which recently gained massive popularity worldwide when Roadman Shaq spit on it during his ‘Fire In The Booth’ sessions with Charlie Sloth to create ‘Mans not Hot’ anthem.

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Taxi, ntuuse nensalako akafo
Ntuuse nensalako akafo
Red head band, growing back a fro
102(b), togikwatako
So UG, all black and proud, like my mandem
Blud there’s money on my mind, I don’t mind man dem
Drop this one for the culture, had to remind man dem
When I’m in the House, yeah I shut ish down Bobi Wine and them
Title goat at stake.. say my name, that’s beef
No long talk that’s bait, dead that case it’s brief
Heard man lace, it’s weak
I beg man fake it’s deep
But until my wake I’m sleep
Sho, man left, back like Luke
Don’t send shots, man might nuke
Squad still goals, man might fluke
I know Guudfellas, you’re a bad mind yute
Might lie down while I write my truth
Might spit flames, set alight my proof
Got a crooked smile still hide my tooth
No one there’s how I like my booth
Cold but I come with flows that’s hot
Big mouth and a hothead? Man get froze on spot
Just in a frame of mine, leave frauds exposed and cropped
Black & I, that’s a tag team, man like Bwo & Scott

Segawa Salim
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