[DOWNLOAD + LYRICS]: Keinoh ‘Focus’

Keinoh put out his single ‘Focus’ off this already released mixtape titled ‘Ethville Mixtape’.

‘Focus’ was produced by Gamit.



*Verse One*

Am a muganda on this kintu,though aint no Kintu/
I know she loves my bintu for i do em like the king do,
I’ll do whatever she do,
Me and her we’ll be two,
On my heart like a tatoo,
She told me so i did too,
Then these niggas must be jokin,
They asked me whats poppin,
They wanna know who’s the hottest but its tonight i hit the toplist/
With mines that make uo jaws drop,
And bars that make you pass out,
Imma shut my mouth today for i dont want you to drop out/
We came in the city,
We’re runnin the city,
We came in the city buh they tryna break us down,
We came in this city we up in this city for those who tryna hate gakyaali mabaaga,
We’re laced up!

*Chorus *

Focus x3
Mwe abazalawa gakyali mabaaga

Focus x3
Mwe abazalawa gakyaali mabaaga

*Verse 2*

Some people are lights tonne and dark tonned,
But my team is lights on ,
Sometimes i look at my past and i see the cast of my dark zone,
Holdin knees just stranded somewhere in that dark zone,
My heart like a blackstone and each heartbeat like a thunderstorm,/
But i stood firm,
Vision rich so i had that platform,
The chlorofoam,the black void around me all cried out in vain,/
Like is he insane? Y’aint nat just hop onto the Kei-train /
And thus will help u find the missin piece on your life trail/
The wind may cry,clouds crush,sky fall, am witchu,/
Nemezama kwako na moyo wangu wote aah/,
Mih ah goin so broader,head over heels my niggas on the platter.


*Verse 3*

We came in the city,
We runnin the city
We came in this city but they tryna hold us down mehhhn aah!
We came in this city,
We high on this city,
For those who tryna hate gakyaali mabaaga,
We laced up! x2

Chorus till fade

Segawa Salim
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