[DOWNLOAD + LYRICS]: Play01 x Benny Black ‘Childs Play’

Play01 sent signals this week of his new collaboration with Benny Black and we have been waiting for it.

The rapper has finally released the collaboration titled ‘Childs Play’ and this is a proper way to say ‘bye bye’to 2016.

Both Benny Black and Play01 manifest their pen game. This is HOT!


Benny Black:

You lookin at the best at his worst behavior/
Verses got them thankin my mother because she birthed a savior/
If you been waitin to go to church, I got service later/
Bring the haters to light, coz in the darkness they worship Vader/
No debate I’m one of the realest cats spittin/
A fast written and your favorite rapper’s gettin an ass kickin/
I spaz different, so ahead of ma time the way I set up my rhymes has got you thinkin the track skipping/
I’m fast living in slow motion/
The flow deep enough to sweep across floors of the world’s oceans/
I’m feelin myself like I’m watchin porn and I’m pro-lotion/
So sad to see these so-so mcs get all the promotion/
Silence is golden, I ain’t one to speak a lot/
Never had the keys, so I had to pick the locks/
Waitin on a beat to drop/
Set the city on fire, old girl lookin back salty, had to be a Lot/
I’m sayin thanks for doubtin me when I had nothin on me/
Life was sendin shots and I was either duckin or was drunk with homeys/
So what if the druggies know me? I’m proud of ma past/
All I did was spit was dope and turn the powder to cash/
Was writin ma wrongs, supplying to fiends/
They heard of ma songs, I was some guy on the scene/
Rhymin so tirelessly with fire inside of my schemes/
How is it I am not the Messiah if I am a King?/
Forget the titles of courtesy, I’m a product of Midas see/
There’s treasure in my chest, I never got it thru piracy/
I been overseas tho, I acquired me a neat fro/
Fist in the air, yellin “Power to the people”/


If benny said it he prolly aint even apologetic
But the lines so extreme u prolly feelin appalled to get it
Try to test my type of writing but…nah, im the type to pass
We riders get retarded on this track im talkin psychopaths
While they was talkin bout how hiphop fake
Chasin that jinja bred got a nigga in tip top shape
Im trynna stack do that’s do or die, who the greatest here
And i only got 3 votes nigga thats the life of pi
Get it, i said 3 votes life of pi
Cause it take 3 to point 1 4 the life of i
At 22 over 7 years ago thats life of pi
I became an animal on this crazy flow now thats the life of pi
I’m on the roll 2 who next to die, man who next to lie
U cant see that i won, u o(ught) to use and extra i
Cuz i win, thats i play 01 its i u o
Not i o u, so its either u o i
Talkin bout they pistols poppin Never seen they pistol pop
What it take to bring that piece to pop u spend on spittin pop
But peace to pop and peace to pops they the pieces that keep me poppin
Never been under popular populate ur proper spots
Its like i been laden in the studio
Where every single thing i read blew like mario
They try to take a shot at me no no
Thats why i keep em teein in a circle like the mtn logo
No homo, i been a pain in the ass since i got here
Thats y i gotta keep runnin shit like diarrhea
I heard ur girl mad we can’t have that,
Apparently i got that kinda shit that make’er trip like a hadjat

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