AJO has released the second single ‘NUBA’ off his forthcoming album titled “African Reality”, a project he has dedicated to resonate with African identity and self discovery.

“NUBA” follows his highly powered single ‘Transcend‘ which he released a couple of months ago on July 10, 2017. ‘Transcend’ is a “Pan Africanism song that revolves around encouraging the African people to look beyond their past and present but aim for what is beyond the horizon”

AJO describes ‘NUBA’ as a “song that refocuses the attention on self-worth and acceptance of who we are as Africans from skin colour to mental tenacity. The song points out some of the outstanding characters in African History such as Shaka of the Zulu Kingdom, Mansa Musa of the Mali Empire, Kabalega of the Bunyoro Kingdom, Emorimori of Teso among others.”

“Nuba is a collective term used for the various indigenous people who inhabit the Nuba. Mountains of South Kordofan state in Sudan. Although the term is used to describe them as if they composed a single group, the Nuba is an umbrella term encompassing multiple distinct people that speak different languages, often belonging to unrelated language families”.

He adds that “‘NUBA’ highlights the state of life in Africa with personal description of how it feels to be part of Africa. It’s not the entire continent’s perception but a perception of through my looking-glass. This song also points out some of the gruesome acts that have been crippling the continent including and encourages Africans to raise the vail that is blinding them so that they see more clearly what the world is offering“.

“NUBA” was produced by Nase of PortBell Drive Music.

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Verse 1
Nuba, son of the night light,
Son of the pharaohs the Nile, son of the kushites,
Son of the Earth but still branded a misfit
Limited options, primeval notions, pivotal cautions.
AKs for the Reign and that’s a desert storm,
From a land like its Steve Harvey, the misfortune
Land where the grass is greener and misdemeanour
Land where the History books gat made thinner
Land of the dying breed and cold dinners
Land where the melanin give you rush of Adrenaline,
Every breathe is a gambling, stay straight like Javelin
Land of the Shaka Zulu and Mansa Musa
Kabalega, Emorimor, your Kabaka
From the valley of kings to the snows of Mount Kenya
Length of Zambezi to flows of river Tana
From the colour of my skin you can tell that i am Nuba

Make me Black again
Make me Black again
Make Me black again
Make me Black again

Verse 2
Nuba, Son of the Night light
Son of the dark moon, the shadow of Mandela
Descending from the handicapped Tales of a Slave Runner
Land of the free but still mentally compromised,
Prima donna Donors, the dark side of the human mind
Papa don’t preach to the pain of the Brutalized
From a land where, death is a gift and life is a curse
And you can rehearse in every verse and end up a fact or end up a factor
Pick your disaster Haile Selassie, one for the Rastas
From the land of the Timbuktu and dying cultures
Things fall apart from the rivers between
So as we cry the beloved country, the grass is singing
My head ringing, voices from the other side screaming
Never forget who you are or who your kin is
Forefathers that fought hard for new beginnings

Verse 3
I am Nuba and am Colour Bound
They call me African now from the cape to the Suez canal
I am Nuba and am Colour Bound
The beauty of the mind in the absence of light, i am trust
I am Nuba and am colour bound
I am religion the beginning of the spirit involved
See I am Nuba and am colour bound
So you can run across the world and never find a better kind
Once a Slave, always a slave and that’s the route that they take
While we still getting abused for being Black in this Age
My brother shipped off just to earn a penny a day
My sister prostituted just to make a living today
And now we auctioned in Slave Markets, Humanity fails
What’s AU if the U ain’t for Unity sake
How can one race be subjected to so much of your hate
Skin colour never fade for these wickedest ways, Am Nuba

Segawa Salim
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