Download: Real Ones(Prod. Trip) – Levo x Nantsupremacy x Pudi Montana

2018’s been a year of major changes and shifts in ‘UG Hip Hop’ and I always point it out that it’s been for the better.

I was first introduced to Levo on a cypher from Trip Music; I think the most previous one.
That’s the guy who had the longest verse right?
What do I say?
He is better on this one!

//Am using my paper for righting my wrongs//
//The government using my paper for wronging my rights//
That’s Nantsupremacy!

And who’d close this one better than Pudi Montana?
Pudi comes on to address the pressures youth go through with lines talking about unemployment, academics etc; I mean who’d not relate with any of this?
And I guess this explains something about the title ‘Real Ones’.

I think this crowns it all for me from Trip Music!

Download Real Ones (284 downloads)

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