[DOWNLOAD]: ‘Transcend’ – A.J.O

A.J.O has released the first single titled ‘Transcend’ off his forthcoming studio album dubbed ‘African Reality’

‘Transcend’ is a Sam Lamara, Mike256 and Mowglii production

A.J.O’s rise on the levels of hip-hop is manifested with bars, lyrical ferocity with an art of telling short stories in form of songs to perfectly package them as a movie, in this case, a complete music project.

The talented rapper’s first single off his forthcoming album ‘African Reality’ is not only a glimpse into what his album encompasses but also highlights his lyrical panache and delivery as of the most underrated young rappers on the Ugandan hip-hop scene at the moment.

“I am, I am Houdini the Genie that gat trapped in this human body of thoughts am Stephen Hawking on a wheel of fortune”

A.J.O describes ‘Transcend’ as “a Pan Africanism song that revolves around encouraging the African people to look beyond their past and present but aim for what is beyond the horizon. It’s a message of self-realisation and understanding that the people behind the mask that try to puppet and orchestrate Africa’s predicaments cannot and should not be given the power and liberty to do so”

[DOWNLOAD]: 'Transcend' - A.J.O (1262 downloads)

TRANSCEND written by Ajo

Intro – Patrick Lumumba
“When i look at Africa, many times I ask myself
What would happen if Mwalimu were to rise up and see what is happening?
What would happen if Kwame Nkurumah and Patrice emery Lumumba were to raise up
and see what is happening?
Because what they would be confronted with is an African which is suffering from schizophrenia,
She does not know herself
They would be confronted with an African whose young Men and women
Have no interest and no love for their continent”

Verse I – Ajo

Hope you war ready, tuck your teeth in and brace yourself
It’s that black lion, the Bambatta, the new Gadafi
It’s that Mau Mau, the Maji Maji my knowledge bullet proof
You lit a flame in my soul this is fire proof
While we transcend from being the shadow of the Dark Continent,
I gat my guard up, see my mind wired like Menelik,
Western propaganda gat the gun speaking that dialect
Only one rule controlling the eye of providence, uh
Master the mind, that makes you a master mind don’t it,
Happy are the poor that’s what religion says don’t it,
So when these vultures take pictures and end up like Kevin Carter,
All I pray that when you pray, don’t get preyed by your own making
Where the fuck is the messiah when you caught in the cross fire
Just a sitting ducking bullets inhaling the smoke fire
Screaming out seize fire and put the match in my hands
Am ‘bout to burn the bridge down watch a niga transcend, Transcend.

Speech – Patrick Lumumba

“Why must we remind ourselves of these realities?
Because throughout the ages the battle has always been the battle of the mind
If your mind is conquered then you are going no where
That is why in the ages of enlightenment in Europe the great Rene Descartes said
Cogito ergo sum
I think therefore I am”

Verse II – Ajo

I am, I am Houdini the Genie that gat trapped in this human body of thoughts am Stephen Hawking on a wheel of fortune,
The missing link like a loose chain on my neck I was tryna figure the world thats when my brain needed a bigger coffin
When murder lines are getting xenophobic and races are killing races the devil be counting blessings
Am tryna borrow morrows, you tryna trade sorrows
No better tomorrow, am tipping the edge like a face to a barrel
And I’ve been quick-sand-living, need heaven hell-am-living below the poverty line,
Or so they drew it in fact, they calling you 3rd world to keep your mind in a trap
Keep these animals tamed and keep their spirits in check
Give them weapons and call them rebels then ICC the irony,
Co-operations and Bureaucratics deep in that foolery
Mother Africa, the story of a murder scene we stood by and we wonder why we never transcend

Speech – Kwame Nkurumah
This Decade is a decade of African independence
Forward then, to independence now
Tomorrow, the United States of Africa

Verse III – Ajo

Mind body and soul gat me fighting for control
Melodies of the sun that leave my sweat down on the floor
Premonitions and gut feelings that say you owe me more,
They want me folding like origami your place in the pecking order
Border lining sanity or mental disorder
They gat me rehearsing the day that I’ll be lain in a hearse
White suite and rigarmortis make the puzzle erupt
And we kinda corrupt, no we hell of corrupt
What do you expect we do with power after taking it back
We don’t how to act, you were running the shots,
I hope my African mind will transcend from the past
I hope my African mind will transcend from the past
The spirit of Mandela, the spirit of Kwame
I hope my African mind will transcend from the past

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