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Kleith Kyatuhaire Still Haunted By Nudes

By Hood Lighta

Fast fading glamour girl, Kleith Kyatuhaire could be on a red alert. According to our snoops, the beautiful model is struggling to exorcise the naked ghosts of her nudes. Her career, social life, health and well being is on the line.

In the shadows of her former life, she lives. Glamour, splendour and pomp strips itself bare each time she looks in the mirror. The lady in the mirror is naked. The lady is the mirror has failed to dress up her fears and move on with life.

Kleith apparently is reportedly depressed after her life turned for the rocks when her nudes were released online perhaps by a jilted lover close to a year ago.

A source close to her has revealed that several times she tried going out, uncouth men made harsh comments with some begging for sex. Others looked into her eyes like horny wild dogs on heat threatening to kidnap her goodies in public.

She feels very terrible. Everybody is judging her. Only those close to her understand what she is going through“, the source revealed.

The situation has been worsened by fans who have kept guessing about her whereabouts.

Yeah, its true. She recently made a harsh post telling them (fans) to mind their own business but she was quick to delete the Facebook post“, the source noted.

The effects of revenge porn cannot be underestimated. While Desire Luzinda or Fabiola seemed to have bounced back on the scene with a bang, it seems Kleith, is rather a bubbly sweet mommy’s girl who mistakenly found herself in bad company.

I think her whore-meter is very low. That girl could give a nun a run for her faith. However, at this time, just like a nun, she must not give a F**.”, one fan noted.

Revenge porn is posting naked photos of people online mainly by exes. Celebrities are the main victims.
We hope she dons a new dress of self-worth and moves ahead with life.

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