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Lagum’s “If We Were Connected” Casts No Doubt

This boy has been putting work – there is no doubt about it!

I first heard about his music a couple of years ago — like four years — not really sure — but there was something special about it

One thing that connects you to Lagum’s music is his production and his lyrical flamboyancy — he, in most cases, produces his music; you can tell that he connects with himself both as an artiste and a producer.

His recently released installment, “If We Were Connected”, casts no doubt in the masses his music has created over the years.

The rapper, in a tweet, said “If We Were Connected” will have volume two — literally speaking, “If We Were Connected” volume 2 will be released in a few days, January 10th

“In the meantime y’all should know that volume 2 of #IWWC will be released…as well. This will be my last project for a while so I thought I’d give you something different and exciting! Hope you keep support my hustle.”

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