[LISTEN]: Abramz Tekya ‘Olabika Tommanyi’

‘Olabika Tommanyi’ is an absolute gem

Abramz Tekya of the legendary hip-hop duo ‘Sylvester & Abramz’ surprises us with his latest release ‘Olabika Tommanyi’ and we are loving it.

The poerty and lyrical flamboyancy that Abramz Tekya manifests on ‘Olabika Tommanyi’ is nostalgic — the rapper extrapolates through metaphors and his signature wordplay on a theme he says is about “resilience, perseverance, street smartness and turning enemies’ attacks and weapons into developmental tools & resources

‘Olabika Tommanyi’ was produced by Eric Omondi aka Eric Onasis from Nairobi Kenya; voiced, recorded and mixed at Infinit3 Records


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