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MC Kats’ First Born Ready For P.L.E

As you read this, MC Kats’ first born could be sharpening pencils and arranging her mathematical instruments like dividers, rulers, compass and protractors in the set. The first born has only been identified as Clouva and a few years younger than Fille Mutoni, the youngest step mother.

MC Kats’ is said to be a very gifted father-maker. The midget event host reportedly has unknown number of children. When he broke into the limelight years back, he is said to have gone around piercing any soft tissue he came across. He would pierce them without any thoughts of wearing a helmet. MC Kats is said to be allergic to helmets.


A source tells us that some girls thought MC Kats was too young to have mature sperms capable of making them pregnant.

“He operated on a one woman, one round, one child policy”,the source informed us. “He was busy having fun and he did not realise what he was getting his head into till he met Fille”.

It is said, its only Weasel who might be a competitor as far as child making is concerned.

However that’s story for another day. Let’s wish Clouva success in SST, English, Math and Science.

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