New Download: RANGO EP – Stayput

Ugandan/ East African rapper Stayput has released his much anticipated EP Rango! The 4 track composition was all recorded at Reekods studios and has input by various rappers and producers Nase Avatar and Floduct.
Hip-hop in Uganda is blessed with a lot of talent but each day, a fresh breath is added into the industry and this time round, Stayput has done more than than prove it!
The way he expresses his rap skills in the exotic English lingual with a mixture of his indigenous Langi, with bars and punchlines, I guess it’s about time we gave it up for the fresh blood!
Old rappers, make way!
Here is a simple review of the tracks.

Laid on a ‘Keep It Thoro’ sample of ‘Prodigy’ from mobb Deep’, Rango is an attempt by the rapper to introduce himself for those who haven’t heard his sound. To brag about his flow, Rango is laced with bars got off mentions of the best in the game like Navio and how Stayput’s inception in the playground of rap music is something to quake ‘new and old-school rappers’ because he says he is not their leader but also the overall!
Joacita is an Afropop-Hip-hop fusion song that Stayput uses to talk about a girl he seemingly has a crush on. He lays lines of promises and love but my problem with the track, however, is that I feel that with such multi-genre fusions, it should have been a little longer than the 2 minutes and 54 seconds it runs for.
On this, Stayput employs the effort of fellow rappers Nimo, Spoken Eye & Floduct.
There is a back up of background vocals which compliments the rap verses by the rappers. Also on this, there are traces of a few Luganda lines but what sets it apart from most tracks I have listen to in these few days is that the rappers seem to be in synch with each other and you can clearly get the connection listening, even for the first time.

Old Chief Kakande.
This track will let you in into the life of an ordinary Kampala youth as it’s a chronological account of day-to-day encounters and activities.
This one seats on a what you’d call a simple Hip-hop track but the sound allows for Stayput a lot of comfort on it but the creativity in his choice of words is also amazing and sits in the vibe of the instruments.

Stream, download and share!

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