New Music: Monalisa Freestyle – Nickarma Nox

I don’t know if this is an attack but this freestyle is full of shots!
I hear a line that fires at the OG’s;
I hear lines that attack the ‘kids’;
I hear a line that chokes the commercial rap artists;
I hear a line(s) that pinch(es) Ghetto Upgrade! Whoa! Whoa!

But one thing is explicit here, Nick came here to paint a picture for boys in the industry; Hip Hop is not profit-driven, Hip Hop is a music the community can relate to, he is trying to communicate.
Monalisa is a coat with thorns on the back, and fellow rappers must take offense.
And we are here waiting to see whose table got shaken because we shouldn’t pretend; the house is shaking!
Someone is gotta take the mask off!
Download Monalisa Freestyle - Nickarma Nox (148 downloads)

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