New Music: No Wack Emcees Cypher – Bawanguzi Of Souls

There is a Hip Hop feature I wrote on this very website and my ending shot was about the ‘tables Feffe Bussi shook’ with Nas’ beat on ‘Who Is Who’.
Hip Hop has woken up again!

So these Bawanguzi Of Souls boys are shaking whose table(s) again?
“//Waliwo abalibakulukuta mukulukuta nga beyita bakabaka//
//Naye atte bakulukuta nebebakulukutila nebabikuta//
//mukomewo mic tuzikwatte, tukulukute tukube, tulab’ani amale ayite//”

Wack Emcees have in the Ugandan context been referred to as Fake Emcees, a term for rappers whose lyrical content is ’empty’ and can’t be accepted in the Hip Hop circles. There is lot of those such attacks in this cypher and trust me ifyou’re the type for wars and provoking, this Cypher’s got you.
And whether this is a dare, or a call for a battle, we shall leave it here for response from whom these shots were targeted at!

And the ‘Ekyaffe Kyekyo’ line is a dare enough, this is more than just a dare!
Download No Wack Emcees Cypher (181 downloads)

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