New Music: Omweeso – Bawanguzi Of Souls

It’s surprising that in these days of ‘diluted beats and rhymes’ where Hip-hop is facing a crisis of identity, there are rappers still doing the inspirational ’90s style of the genre.

I first heard Bawanguzi Of Souls on Mister Deejay’s SNMS on Radio City and the next thing, I personally reached out to these boys and requested them to give me their music to review and write about.

I was touched!
Their style invokes memories of the mid 2000’s when UG Hip Hop was raw, meaningful and hard!

And here now, is their newest Omweeso!
On this, you will get lost in a collection of ghetto tales and their love for rap music.
Their chemistry is a plus I will not leave without talking about! These boys have successfully carved out a way of uniting on beats to give you an experience of unity and oneness!

Ekyaffe Kyekyo, indeed, this is exclusive.
No one can do this like them.

Download: Omweeso - Bawanguzi Of Souls (118 downloads)

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