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NEW MUSIC: Sexy Money – Afekuru.

Oftentime, when a new artist comes on the scene, there is a lot of gauging that goes on in the background, especially in the fan-community about their vocal skills.
Many new artists never progress well when satisfaction is not matched on the side of the fans.

I can say that I have heard very few new artists who start with an accomplished voical stand and go ahead to prove skill in writing their own music.
And one of those is AFEKURU!

Dear Lawd!

Skimming through her new joint Sexy Money, you’ll be shocked by the clarity in this woman’s voice and the ease with which she juggles between notes, while expressing utter perfection and unprecedented prowess.

A fan joked that with this girl’s inception into the industry, both Sheebah Kirungi and Cindy Sanyu should be worried.

And I’ll leave it to you, the fans.

But I have a conviction this is Afe’s tuff, come a days ahead. Sexy money only deserves accompanying visuals to stand well in this competitive industry.

Sexy Money was written solely by Afekuru and produced by Rhon, mixed by Skinny at Infinit3 Records for Infinit3 Powerhouse.

Afekuru is under the management of Blue Strings ENT.

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