New Music: Supernatural (Prod. Nase Avatar) – Zash

Supernatural is a love afro dancehall song from debut artist Zash.
The start is not bad; how it kicks off with a compeling rythmic instrumentation is a definite plus and, at least, from the way he ushers himself onto the beat; you can relate very fast to an appealing warm, natural and ethereal voice which is symbolic of the whole song.

The lyrics:
He cleverly put down heart-warming lines and the way he performs them here is nice and equally expressive, especially the verses.
However, I fail to point out the correlation of the chorus which consistently rhymes ‘Supernatural’.
There are times on the chorus where the artist almost runs off-pitch, but this is expected, for debut artists.

But this won’t go without mention that the song is tuneful and its commercial probabilities are assured.

Awesome piece!
Download Supernatural - Zash (158 downloads)

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