New Music: The Journey – Simon Elly x Ruyonga

What if you were, to sum up, your whole career in 2:30 minutes on a beat?

Okay, you are not a musician and can’t rap! But can you tell your story in 10 minutes with every detail? I dare you!
Tell you someone good at it? – RUYONGA!


On this 2:30 minute run, you will hear Rruu motivate young musicians to never give up their dream, you will hear him pay tribute to the people who anchored his music career; there are mentions of hip-hop promoters like Cedric and fellow rappers Tucker HD, Enigma and more.

And, Yes, he also talks about Elvis Mbonye!

AH…I don’t know why I feel like this was a freestyle and was off-the-head but something about Ruyonga is when he gets down to freestyling, he is a King among the many.

That aside, this piece is worth all your replays; its a JOURNEY!

THE JOURNEY was produced at Urban Aksent by Simon Elly and comes off Simon Elly’s upcoming album called EXODUS.

Download The Journey - Simon Elly x Ruyonga (168 downloads)

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