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Rapper Big Sam Yiga To Release Album

Big Sam Yiga is releasing his album this month, to be specific on 8th March. His team has share detail of the album release.

It will be nostalgic for older hip hop fans and refreshing for the younger ones as rapper Big Sam Yiga releases his much anticipated album. Dubbed “Tutambula n’abitambula” (Flowing with the times) Lugalow rapper Big Sam Yiga is taking his place in local hip hop history books as he releases the 22 track album at Sabrina’s pub. The album has been billed as the biggest local hip hop album this year.

According to the rapper, he has spent the last two and half years working on the album.

“It has been a long journey. For the last two and half years I have been in and out of studio patiently watching this baby grow. I am extremely excited it is coming to life. I am giving birth to Tutambula n’abitambula album on Women’s day. Come witness greatness”, he spoke to us.

Produced under the careful watch of prolific producer Nase Avatar of Portbell drive, the album boosts of 22 songs featuring both older and new rappers.

“This is a double album! We have worked with Nase all this long putting together this piece”, he stated.

The album is expected to ride high on a blend of social consciousness and of course celebration of life. He features the older underground niche Babaluku, Lady Slyke, Mulekwa, Kwesto that lend in positive vibes and the new breed on the scene like Pryce Teeba and Shemy B that bring the pomp offering a wholesome listening experience.

Big Sam Yiga has been rapping since the 1990s. He formed the Abana b’eka group that later left him as last man standing after some of his colleagues left the country for greener pastures while some settled down running business, career and family life. However, he shouldered on and now has a concrete testimony for his efforts.

The entrance will be exclusively free of charge. Gates open at 6pm with performances from various rappers and of course, the man of the day. Album copies will be sold too.

Source: Big Sam camp

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