Review: Azawi carves out a sweet taste of success from debut EP ‘Lo Fit’

Azawi performing during the listening session of her debut EP 'Lo Fit'

Azawi performing during the listening session of her debut EP 'Lo Fit'

Breaking into the Ugandan music scene is a laborious process that only those who have dipped their boots deep into it can come close to understanding. Every moment a new musician sprouts in this flocked industry, it’s only the fruits of their seeds that stand the test of time; and Azawi is serving a fruit salad with her debut project ‘Lo Fit’.

Less than six months since Zawedde Priscilla, musically known as Azawi, signed with arguably one of the best recording labels in Uganda — Swangz Avenue — the multi-talent musician and songwriter is blossoming on the scene under no pressure to prove herself.

With her inaugural 5-track EP titled ‘Lo Fit’, Azawi transcends the hypocritical anecdote of ‘One Hit Wonder’ while creating room for a solid and exploratory music career.

‘Quinamino’, Azawi’s first single as Swangz Avenue’s musician, has gently conquered the attention of the industry influencers — including radios, TV, media and DJs — while tiling a trail for the unpredictable music audience.

‘Lo Fit’ EP explores Azawi’s tenacity of channelling in her songwriting skills to deliver memorable songs that manifest her euphonious carte de visite into a portrait.

With some other solid songs on the EP like ‘Repeat it’ and ‘Mbinyumirwa’, Azawi expresses her bright spots while tapping into already anticipating fan base with more groovy sounds that are probably sure chart-toppers across all mediums.

Azawi once again uses her artistry to fairly become vulnerable on ‘Crazy Lover’ to find the spark that sets her first body of work on fire without so much smoke.

Overall, Azawi blends vibrant production with her existing skillset to carve out a sweet taste of success and raise above the noise while being the artist with an undeniable ambition to succeed.

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