Review: Vroom EP by Tucker HD

With 3 solid projects (High Definition, Tucker Tuesdays & Juli), several freestyles, singles and collabos, the Taxi Pilot; Tucker HD has taken another step by giving us an EP titled VROOM!! as he had promised.

In his quest to prepare us for his debut album, he has dropped this record featuring both released and unreleased material. He knows how to strike a balance.

Tucker HD opens the EP by welcoming us to Kampala. On this track “WELCOME TO KLA” he features BLIXXACK as they narrate the hardships of living in Kampala. BLIXXACK floats on the beat as he talks about the famous con men of Kampala and Tucker HD drops the second verse in pure Luganda, he served fire “Toloba blood, maaso ku lutimbe, Kampala si bizimbe” track is definitely one of my favorites off the EP

Do you think the beat is hard? Give it to Tucker. This is what exactly what he does on “ON DAT” as he raps “…With ease on the mic I float…” He’s definitely raising the old and new school bar.

Am offering money for anyone who knows the story behind “Serena” who was Tucker talking about? Shall we ever find out? This is not just an ordinary story but at least he gave us the name “Serena”. This is crisp delivery with all dope lyrical wordplay and a vibing chorus.

Still exhibiting his lyrical greatness, he serves fire on the 4th and 5th track “MAASO KU LUTIMBE” & “MBADDE KYAPA” On these tracks he sermons volcanoes and he erupts with all inferno lines. Flowing on the beats as if lava. Go listen.

And he was not done with serving fire, as he goes ahead to drop “VISIBLE” featuring LAGUM executing the chorus and a flames verse, M2KANE straight from South Africa dropping that fire verse too & ANGELL MUTONI ending the track with another inferno. This track is well synthesized

I know you want me to go ahead but no, go ahead and get yourself a copy or stream online and experience some eargasm from punchlines, wordplay, monstrous verses.

But before I go, the production of this EP is never less than delighted with the executive producer Sam Lamara of Talent Africa.
Signing off… VROOM!!


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