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Trinidad Based Musician Arielle Alexa In Love with Uganda’s Music industry

Arielle Cowie popularly known as Arielle Alexa, a Trinidadian singer and songwriter says, “I just love the Ugandan music in general and would be incredibly happy to collabo with anyone.” She is currently one of trending musicians in her home country with her song dubbed feeling.

Urbahype recently had a Q and A session with her.

Q: It’s known that you were a renowned Hockey Player, how did you find yourself in music industry. How has been your experience so far?

A: From a very young age I knew that I wanted to be a singer and performer. It just so happened that my family was very athletic so I pursed sports as it was expected. For years Hockey was my priority but deep down I truly wanted to be a singer. After graduating University I made the decision to actively pursue music. I started attending live music events and performing at open mics. I met so many musicians, producers and I began building my music catalogue.

It has been a fantastic experience thus far. I’ve met a lot of great people, performed at amazing events, recorded great music and discovered my passion for social work! I’ve recently started working with a few foundations to give back to the community in my country. I work with children with disabilities, refugees and cancer patients. It is a responsibility that I hold very near to my heart.

Q: While performing at Sunset Festival, you shared stage with Veteran Reggae legend Tarrus Riley, how did you feel?

A: It was really cool to be featured in the lineup of artists along with him (Tarrus Riley). That was a really special experience and definitely helped me to connect even more with my fans.

Q: Guardian news agency in one of articles referred you as “A lioness in song”, how did you feel about it?

A: That phrase is very fitting because I am a lioness in everything that I do. Being a female in the industry hasn’t always been easy. People don’t take you seriously and think that they can take advantage of you but from the very beginning I have always ensured that this was not the case. I am very hard working and determined to succeed. When others see that they know they can’t question me!I want to make feel good music (I mean everyone does lol) but I want to be able to convey a positive vibe that motivates people.

I want people to think WOW if this girl worked hard and make it this far why can’t I do the same?? On the flip side I want to speak my truth. I want to talk about loss, I want to talk about betrayal and fear and all the negative stuff that pushes you to the edge and makes you a better person. I want to show my audience that that type of pain can be temporary and that it’s ok to go through it.

Q: Who is your best artiste in Uganda that you wish to have a collabo with and why?

A: In my opinion there isn’t a “best artiste” because all of them are dope and have their different flavors. I just love the music in general and would be incredibly happy to collabo with anyone!

Q: How ready are you for collabos with artistes in Uganda and entire East Africa?

A: I am ready!!!! Just the thought of it is thrilling! The music out of Uganda and East Africa is beautiful and very similar to that of the Caribbean. We have East African influences in our music and vice versa so a Caribbean-East African collaboration to unite our regions would be amazing.

Q: What package do you have for the region’s music market?

A: Because our music styles are so similar I believe that my music can fit well within Uganda’s music market. My music is fun, edgy and youthful and will definitely appeal to the market because of its upbeat sound and positive message!

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