UHXlusive: ’71M3 OU7′ – Tucker HD x Play 01

The Taxi has been refueled, kinda!

Tucker HD and Play 01, who could all be prepping for their huge projects, resurface with a back & forth new song called ’71M3 OU7′

The chemistry on ’71M3 OU7′ remains at a ‘crème de la crème’ level and there is no doubt that Rey Mac secured the two lethal lyricists with a beat that suits their ferocity on the mic and song’s content.

DOWNLOAD ’71M3 OU7′ below.

DOWNLOAD >>> 71M3 0U7 - Tucker-HD x Play01 (1174 downloads) <<< DOWNLOAD 

Genius: https://genius.com/Tucker-hd-71m3-0u7-lyrics

71M3 0U7 [LYRICS]

(Tucker HD)
Can’t come around and play, might come around with Play
Too many sleepless nights, man’s been around from day
Might send a round your way, blud kneel down & pray

When sleepless nights meet timeless days
F timing, give us the time of day
It’s word play as that forte
Who I play for get no foreplay
There’s like 4 plays when i play forth
When HD get that main course, you get

(Tucker HD)
Served blud, like who’s next in line?
Good as it gets with time
Quite sure you ain’t on the same wave length as mine
You’re washed up to me

Hang, flows dry to me
If it was up to me
Man fvck it its up to me
I heard they tryna fuck with me
Cut you off that’s a vasectomy
Your verses do not work for me, you ain’t gettin a cheque from me

(Tucker HD)
Karma, I came around again, drop every now and then
Write Presidential flows, using the Governor’s pen

Wait Tucker, hand me that pen
Heard u got a problem with him
Jack the flow ripper is up in your den
Sickle flow, u reap what i sow

(Tucker HD)
It’s trap so I mean, I’m sowing a mustard seed
Posted I get why they pree, there’s no one above that breed
Show no mercy for a MC, I feast til I drop that’s greed
Guaranteed that I will light him up if he thinks he can match my speed

Faster spitting at maximum speed
That ain’t the heat that u need
U got it wrong, this aint a song
Its a funeral for the dearly deceased
We will smith words for your low ranks and blow at your mic or bae
The boys is back, clearly we bad boys so what u gon do

(Tucker HD)
Might go rave at the disco
Might throw game at your chick doe
Put your phone down if I don’t know you blud, we ain’t taking a pic doe
Might let them shine but I’ll son them if they throw shade in the mix doe
So amazing when this go, unleash it it’s flames, I’m feeling the same as Sisqo

Might spit a diss track on a techno
I aint got shit to prove
Might swap an iphone for a tecno
Might start shit to prove they lose
Grab your nuts like a Michael dance
Take a shot you should buy a lens
Whose the band, these the violins
Choose your stance this is violence

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