VIDEO: ‘The Proem’ – Blixxack

Blixxack has been working on his debut album “AFROPPUCCINO” and the rapper revealed that it’s going to be in stores on February 25, 2018.

“AFROPPUCCINO” will feature acts like Tucker HD MalX, Pryce Teeba, Suspekt92 and Langum

The rapper has been tweeting about his debut album, teasing snippets on Instagram etcetera etcetera — just almost a month to its release, he has released visuals for ‘The Proem’, an intro into his album.

“Proem” literally means “a preface or preamble to a book or speech” — artistically assuming, “The Proem” might be reflecting the body of work and art Blixxack has invested in his debut album — “AFROPPUCCINO”

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