[VIDEO]: The VUQA CYPHER Ft Keko x Big Trill x Nutty Neithan x The Mith x St Nelly Sade x Peter Miles x Timothy Code x Ruyonga

This is some heat right here! We were getting tired of cyphers but this is exceptional and I think that’s what happens when creativity and diversity kick in; having two danchehall artists collaborate on the same project that entirely requires back to back bars from the country’s well repped rappers calls for wit and suicidal lyrical arsenal.

Like Reddington says, I can only lead you to the truth, but I can’t make you believe it. VUQA Cypher is the truth that hip-hop is limitless

The VUQA CYPHER is a VUQA​ TV Presentation. Produced By Michael ‘Fingers’ Mugisha​. Music Video By Josh The Fixer.

Performed By: In order of appearance: Keko, Big Trill, Nutty Neithan, The Mith, St Nelly Sade, Peter Miles, Timothy Code and Ruyonga.

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