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Vodafone #ICreateTomorrow Winners Experience A Taste Of Their Vision In London

Telecom giants Vodafone Uganda is not all data fast internet speeds and clear network. They are also interested in connecting you to the best of your tomorrow! The telecom company through its #ICreateTomorrow campaign has been empowering young Ugandans to strive towards achieving the life of their dreams.

#ICreateTomorrowWinners; Darsan Ainembabazi, Cathy Namubiru and Chris Lutanga

#ICreateTomorrowWinners; Darsan Ainembabazi, Cathy Namubiru and Chris Lutanga

Yes! Three lucky winners of the #ICreateTomorrow competition have been having a taste of their vision in London city in a week-long all expense trip! In October, Vodafone invited the public to submit ’45 seconds videos’ of how one would create their tomorrow. Hundreds of videos were submitted under three categories; creative, entrepreneur and future business leader and the most outstanding ideas and visions from each category were selected by an independent panel of judges. Darsan Ainembabazi, Cathy Namubiru and Chris Lutanga emerged winners.

Darsan, an artist and business student hopes to establish a gallery and communal art space in Kampala to give a voice to the unheard creative industry. He topped the creative category.

Cathy Namubiru, a healthcare administrator by profession dreams of being at the helm of a Ugandan healthcare system that is open and accessible to all. She emerged the best in the future business leader category while Chris Lutanga, a professional film-maker who hopes to create a film studio that will help tap into the creative potential in the Ugandan youth topped the entrepreneur category.

They were rewarded with a dream all expense trip to London what has seen them not only enjoy sight-seeing but also meet thought leaders in their respective fields of interest that will enable them acquire skills to turn their impressive dreams to reality. Thanks to the videos on Vodafone’s Facebook page, we kept our tabs on all they have been up to!

Darsan seemed to have adjusted to the London way of life so fast that we wonder whether he won’t return with an accent! He got the chance to admire the famous works of the legendary artist Pablo Picasso. For starters, Picasso is what Pele or Maradona is to football. One of the very best of all time! “Bust of a woman” a 1944 in oil on canvas painting famed for semi-abstract depiction of a woman suggesting the prospect of liberation during the final months of Nazi occupation. The 1912 classic bowl of fruit painting inspired the appearance of collage materials in oil paintings of later generations. Here, Darsan was at the Modern Tate art gallery blowing his mind to these creative works of a legend! Just the moments of inspiration any artist would love to experience.

Chris Lutanga an aspiring film maker understands the importance of scenic beauty, aesthetic value of places and sounds to achieve compelling film. He has been capturing the memories with his camera. His gifted hands led him to a music studio where he got to play African inspired melodies as a producer blended in the European touch (see video below)

Our fingers are still crossed for that Afro-euro collaborative sound.

The winners returned yesterday with new perspectives on life

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